West Texas Raceway
2017 General Rules


In order to participate in racing events at West Texas Raceway, conducted by West Texas Raceway LLC, all persons must first complete an application form and be approved by Corky Matthews, President of West Texas Raceway, for entry. WTR reserves the right to reject in the sole discretion of its president, the application of any prospective entrant and to revoke, in the sole discretion of its president, any and all applications previously accepted and to reject the entry of any car previously registered, with or without cause, without prior notice or hearing. Once an application is approved and unrevoked, thee rules shall govern the conduct of race events at West Texas Raceway.

The rules set forth in the booklet shall be effective for 2017, subject to amendment, and shall constitute the laws and regulations governing the conduct of race events at WTR. The Competition Council has carefully compiled these rules, and we feel that while they may not match everyone’s exact wishes, they are the best rules possible. We urge you to read and carefully study these general rules in order to be familiar with them. With each new season we will attempt to keep in step with dirt track trends and try to develop rules that will minimize the cost of competition despite continued increasing costs, so that the greatest number of competitors can take part in our sport. Every organization, to be successful, must have good rules and enforce them fairly. WTR believes these rules are fair for all competitors. All IMCA sanctioned events, rules and drivers are subject to and must adhere to the current IMCA General Rules and Procedures. All IMCA fines, disciplinary actions, and protests fees are in addition to West Texas Raceway General Rules.


These rules are designed to provide for the orderly conduct and safety of racing events and to reduce the always present risk of injury to both participants and spectators. These rules shall govern the conduct of all events, unless otherwise specified. By taking part in these events, all participants are deemed to have agreed to comply with these rules and their amendments. West Texas Raceway reserves the right to amen, alter, suspend, delete, or supplement these rules as conditions warrant and without any notice. Such amendments shall be distributed. Auto racing is a competitive sport, but like any other attraction that lives from the support of fans, there is a great deal of showmanship and public relations required. Starting on time, running events in a professional manner, proper uniforms, race cars brightly painted, and the conduct of the competitors both on and off the tract must be considered for its survival and growth. Special events, races, procedures, or other activities may be added to the schedule or program and separate rules and guidelines will be issued. All participants should attend the driver’s meetings and/or ask questions if they don’t understand something or if there is an area of conflict.


The rules and/or regulations set forth in the rulebook and herein are designed to provide for the orderly conduct of racing events and to establish minimum acceptable requirements for such events. These rules shall govern the condition of all events, and by taking part in these events, all participants are deemed to have complied with the rules. NO EXPRESS OR IMPLIED WARRANTY OF SAFETY SHALL RESULT FROM PUBLICATIONS OR OF COMPLAINCE WITH THESE RULES AND/OR REGULATIONS. They are intended as a guide for the conduct of the sport and are in no way a guarantee against injury or death to participant, spectator, or others. The race directors shall be empowered to permit minor deviation from any of the specifications herein or impose any further restrictions that in his opinion do not alter the minimum acceptable requirements. NO EXPRESS OR IMPLIED WARRANTY OF SAFETY SHALL RESULT FROM SUCH ALTERATION OF SPECIFICATIONS. Any interpretation or deviation of these rules is left to the discretion of the officials. Their decision is final.


All cars must have bright paint jobs and easily read numbers. Numbers are required on both sides of the car and on the roof to be read by the scoring tower. Metallic or foil numbers are not permitted, as they cannot be seen at night to score. Cars without numbers or with illegible numbers may be placed at the rear and/or may not be scored. Numbers must be no more than two digits and must be registered with WTR.


All cars must be safety inspected prior to their first race. Cars will continue to be inspected on routine and/or periodic bases. Note that even though a car was allowed to compete in a previous event is no guarantee that the car is legal or safe. Any person (driver, owner, crew, etc) that alters a car to the extent that is made illegal after the technical inspector has deemed it legal will be dealt with severely.


Drivers must be at least eighteen (18) years of age and show proof of age, such as a valid driver’s license. Anyone under the age of eighteen (18) years must have a minors release and indemnity agreement signed by the minors parents or guardian in the form approved by West Texas Raceway LLC, before entering the pit area.


The rules and regulations set forth in this manual are designed to provide for the order of conduct of racing events and to establish minimum acceptable requirements for such events. All drivers, car owners, pit crew, or other participants are expected to know and abide by the rules. Ignorance will not be tolerated as an excuse. At any time the conduct of any driver or crew member is, in the sole opinion of the president of West Texas Raceway, a discredit to or disruptive of the race track, auto racing, the officials, other participants, or to himself, his application may be rejected or revoked, and he may be excluded from WTR and participation in any future racing events at WTR without prior notice or hearing. The driver is responsible for all the people associated with his/her car (crew, friends, spectators, family, etc). If you cannot be ladies and gentlemen, we do not need your participation at West Texas Raceway. Any continuing problems from the same or related individuals will result in permanent suspension. Courteous conduct from all participants is expected at all times.
Profanity in front of race fans, officials, or others will NOT be tolerated. This includes the rule: No one, including your associates, is allowed to dispute a decision at the flag stand or in the scoring tower. This behavior is too disruptive.
Improper conduct, lack of cooperation with officials, violation of the rules, or an attempt to influence another competitor to violate the rules may mean forfeiture of prize monies, suspension, fine, or revocation of approval to participate in future events by West Texas Raceway through its president Corky Matthews. All fines (by the track) will also mean that the driver is suspended until the fine is paid. Suspensions will be decided by the majority vote of a group of track officials comprised of the track owner-promoter, the official involved or closet to the scene and the head scorer or the sole discretion of West Texas Raceway president. The official’s decisions will be final on all matters. Fighting is an automatic two-week suspension and a $200 fine, at a minimum. A second offense could result in a suspension for the entire season. No driver may get out of his car on the track or infield to argue or discuss the race with the starter, other drivers, or officials. Furthermore, a driver is expected to participate in every event that it’s possible for him to run. If this section is violated, the driver may be disqualified for the remainder of the event, fined, and/or suspended according to the decision of the officials.
Drinking of alcoholic beverages by participants during or before the racing program will NOT be allowed.
Alcoholic beverages are not allowed in the pit area until the race program is COMPLETELY over. We expect your full cooperation in this matter. Anyone caught in what is considered, in the opinion of the officials, and/or track medical personnel, to be intoxicated, in possession of, or under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or narcotics will be fined and/or suspended according to the decision of the officials. For purposes of this section, the driver shall be responsible for himself, his crew, associates, and anyone in and around the vicinity of his/her car or pit area.


West Texas Raceway is geared towards close competition and lots of fun at prices that participants can afford. Any use of illegal equipment in violation of the rules will result in the confiscation of such equipment plus possible fine, loss of prize money, trophies, points, and/or suspension of the car and driver. Additionally, any driver using illegal equipment or parts in the engine or attached parts (ie carburetor, transmission, rear end, clutch, or other part of main drive train) will be penalized all year-to-date points in addition to any other fine and/or penalty. The officials in rare and unusual circumstances may waive this penalty. If in doubt about the legality of any part, please ask us before buying the part. Another general guideline is the more costly the part, the more likely it is illegal. If legality of a part is in question, the burden of proof rests with the driver to provide satisfactory and concrete factual evidence establishing the origin and legality of the part.
Anything not clearly covered in the rules must be discussed and approved by West Texas Raceway Tech Officials.


Cars must line up when called or start scratch. If car is not in place when track gate is closed, it will not be allowed in race.


BLACK FLAG: Something is wrong. Pull off the track and consult with the officials if the problem is not known. Any driver who ignores the black flag will be disqualified for the remainder of the program.

YELLOW/GREEN FLAG: Danger on the track. Continue to race with caution.

GREEN FLAG: The race is on.

WHITE FLAG: You are entering the last lap.

CHECKERED FLAG: The race is over, and exit into the pit area. NO VICTORY LAPS!!

RED FLAG: Track is blocked, stop immediately, then proceed with caution into turn 4.

BLUE/WHITE FLAG: Move over flag.

​All cars must take green flag to receive any points. In certain races, all cars must take the checkered flag to get paid.

Special events or extra lap races may be lined up differently. Separate more detailed procedures may be posted, or you will receive information at the driver’s meeting.

Once the green flag falls, but not before, the race is on and you are permitted to pass another competitor. Any car jumping on a start or restart before the green flag is displayed will start scratch. This penalty will occur at the next restart.


All flags or calls are made based on the best judgment of the official or officials within the time necessary to make the call. Since some calls are a judgment on the part of the officials, and although they always try to make the correct decision, sometimes they may error and appropriate corrective actions will be taken. Also, sometimes a driver may feel that the official’s call is incorrect; but he should remember that the official made what he thought to be the best call. The driver may remember a time when he got by on an occasion when he should have been caught. Our racing is hobby racing; let that control the situation, not anyone’s temporary emotions.
The general rule is for the slow cars to stay down low on the track while the faster cars pass on the outside of the track. In rare cases, a car can pass on the inside. However, if that car cannot pass the other car cleanly and down one straight-a-way, it should pass on the outside. Any driver intentionally driving (on or off the track) is such a manner as to endanger other cars or persons, or bumping or spinning the car ahead, will be disqualified. Ten (10) mph or less speed limit will be enforced on driveways in the pits. Driveways must be kept clear at all times. Reckless driving, speeding, or spinning of tires in the infield or in the pit area will mean disqualification and a $25 (twenty-five) fine. Second offense will be $50 (fifty) fine and the third will be a two-week suspension.
Any driver having trouble controlling his car on a consistent basis should voluntarily ask to be put at the back, if he does not, the official has the option to put him on the rear until the problem is corrected.


On a restart, cars line up in a position of the last fully completed lap before the red flag appeared. A lap is considered complete if more than half of the cars have crossed the finish line before the red flag. The car or cars that caused the accident or were involved in the accident, if determinable, will be placed to the rear of the field.
Cars unable to continue only because of a blocked track will be allowed to return to their racing position. All cars must stop as soon as possible under a red flag. Once stopped, the driver may get out to check his car, but only if car is parked on the apron of the racetrack.
In case of an accident before the completion of the first lap, the cars will line up, two abreast, in their original starting positions, except for those who caused the accident. They will be placed in the rear of the field.
Restarts after the first lap will be in single file. All cars must line up nose to tail. All cars must pass the cone on the outside, and must not pass until they pass the cone.
In case of an accident where the red flag is displayed after the white flag has been displayed, but before the race is complete, the race will relined in the order according to the last completed lap. The event will be restarted with two laps to go (a green flag lap, white flag lap, and then the checkered flag).
In the case of the red flag coming out after the checkered flag is displayed to the race winner, the race will be scored as the cars crossed until the red flag flew and then in the order of the last completed lap, except for those causing the red flag.
Any intentional spinning of any car may result in a suspension and/or fine as determined necessary by track officials.
If you go to the pit for any reason, you will automatically go to the back.
Any car that is multiple laps down may not be allowed back on the track.

Rear-end bumping must be avoided. If your car has enough power to bang another in the rear, then your car has enough power to pass on the outside. Rough driving will not be tolerated; including driving in a reckless manner that causes an accident either directly or indirectly. Any car not obeying this rule will be either sent to the back of the field or disqualified.
Cars stalling or spinning out on their own, causing a red flag, will automatically go to the back and may be put 1 lap down or may be disqualified if repeated. If a driver spins into the infield, he can re-enter the race, but must do so in a cautious manner and merge into the field of cars on the front straight away, so as not to interfere with them.


All prize monies will be awarded and paid only to the registered driver or car owner. Payment of prize monies may be delayed if there’s a question regarding the amount or who should receive the monies. All prize monies must be picked up immediately following the evening’s program or at the next event; otherwise, they will be considered forfeited.


Any disputes or questions of flags, technical rules, or other decisions must be made by the driver only, NOT THE CREW OR OTHER PARTY. Any disagreement over technical questions or operations will be resolved by the officials. When the official’s decision is rendered, such is final and binding.
A written protest on an official form may be filed by any DRIVER whose race car participated in the disputed event. The protest must be filed within 10 minutes following the finish of the event with the Technical Inspector or within 10 minutes following the posting of the scoring for the scoring protest.


The top 4 cars from each A Main must report directly to the designated tech area.
The top 4 finishers, claiming cars, cars being claimed, and any others requested by the officials must proceed to the restricted tech or other directed area after their respective event. This area is restricted to the car, driver, and track officials only. Modifieds must report directly to infield claim area.
Each protest and protest complaint shall have its own fee. The following people will be allowed to be present at the protest site: car driver and officials. NO ONE ELSE. If other individuals harass or otherwise interfere with the protest process, the officials may declare the protest invalid and return the application fee to the originator.
Any and all decisions or finding by the officials will be binding and final.
The protest fees are as follows:
$25 – Scoring, visual or minor car inspections, and misc.
$50 – Most car equipment inspections.
$200 – Major car inspections (ie engine tear downs, etc)
Track reserves the right for inspection at any time without fee.
A minimum of 25% of the protest fee will be retained by the officials with the balance going to the car or the protestor, depending on the outcome.


Safety first. The best insurance is prevention.
Each person must sign an insurance release and shall receive a pit pass or stamp before entering the pits. The pit pass must be displayed in a conspicuous place at all times or at a specific location determined by West Texas Raceway.
Anyone found guilty of assisting an unauthorized person entering the pits or letting an unauthorized person use their pit pas will be fined $25 and removed from the area.
Every driver must inspect the racing surface of the race track area to learn of any defects, obstructions, or anything which, in his opinion, is unsafe. Any unsafe condition should be reported to the Director of Competition.
Furthermore, any driver entering any event is considered to have inspected the track and found all conditions satisfactory to him/her. If not, he or she SHOULD NOT RACE.
This further indicates that the driver is aware that auto racing involves risks, and he assumes these risks with full awareness and knowledge. West Texas Raceway assumes no responsibility for damage to or loss of your equipment, vehicle, or any parts by any means whatsoever. The racetrack also assumes no responsibility for any tow vehicles, cars, trucks, equipment, etc in the pit area.


When a driver is involved in an accident in which an injury occurs, he must advise the racing officials immediately so the necessary insurance reports can be filed. NO CLAIMS WILL BE CONSIDERED UNLESS REPORTED PRIOR TO LEAVING THE RACE TRACK PROPERTY THAT DAY. Contact the rescue vehicle driver or Safety Director and give him a full report before you leave the racetrack. If physically unable, the driver’s crew must be responsible for the report.


Major car sponsors will be mentioned over the PA system during the program as time permits. It is suggested that all drivers list the pertinent facts about their sponsor on a 3x5 note card and give it to the announcer so they can “plug” their sponsor properly.


West Texas Raceway is private property. Any person on this property without the permission the West Texas Raceway is guilty of trespass and subject to penalties prescribed by law. Through approval of the application, you have been authorized to be present on the property and to participate in racing events. West Texas Raceway reserves the right to revoke and cancel any previously accepted and approved application if, in the sole discretion of its president, it is felt that your presence or conduct is not in the best interest of West Texas Raceway, its employees, the fans, or your fellow competitors. Your application may be revoked at will the president of West Texas Raceway with or without cause, in his sole discretion, without prior notice or hearing.
Furthermore, NO ONE is permitted to sell, distribute, pass out, etc any merchandise, services, flyers, information, etc on the race track property without the express WRITTEN permission of the property owner.


The officials will establish the length, frequency, and administration of all events and programs. The officials will determine all finishing positions. Any official’s decisions are final and binding.

AGENDA: (Subject to change)

5:30 Gates open
6:00 – 7:00 Report to check in at Tech building
7:30 Pack Track -If you don’t pack, you start starch all night
8:00 Gates close/Driver’s Meeting
8:30 Races Start Promptly


It is the duty of all drivers, car owners, and mechanics to bring to the attention of the officials any unsafe equipment or practice of any rule infraction of any car or driver as soon as they become aware of the violation.


In event of rain, regardless of where the program has to be terminated, the racing events completed will be paid according to the payoff. A single race will be considered complete if more than one-half of the scheduled laps have been run. Any uncompleted events will not be paid regardless of whether rain checks have been issued to spectators. Pit passes, if rain checked, will be good towards the next scheduled race meet only.


The only people allowed on the race track and infield are the officials and drivers while in competition. Everyone else must stay away at all times unless requested to assist for some special reason. Drivers may seek a place of safety in the infield following disablement. When crashed, drivers must stay in their car. DO NOT GET OUT and examine the car’s damage while other cars are on the track. Pit crews, owners, and other participants or fans are not allowed on the track at any time unless requested by an official. The track may not be used for practice at any time other than designated by the rules. Do not enter the racing surface without express authorization, an official will OK your entry at the entrance and signal for you to proceed.


Any competing car whose speed has been reduced to a point where it causes a safety problem or retards the track activity will be removed from the event at the option of the officials. The officials reserve the right to add additional cars to any race. Semi-features, consolation, or other races, will not be held unless adequate number of cars is available. Our program is based on an adequate number of cars, and if this number is not available, alternate scheduling will be made.


Co-drivers are NOT allowed. The driver who first competes in the program must drive the same car during the entire racing program. A driver may NOT jump cars once the program has started. Any change of drivers during the program will result in automatic disqualification of both drivers and loss of prize monies, trophies, etc and starting spot for the next program.
A driver, once having competed in a particular car, must continue to use that car the entire event. A back-up, substitute, or replacement car is NOT allowed if original car breaks, crashes, etc. NOTE: An event based on last week’s finish and having no further effect on the current night’s program (ie fast dash of last week’s top 4) may use the driver that earned the position and then switch drivers for the remainder of the current night’s program.
No driver will be allowed to compete in more than one class during a racing season without prior approval.
Any driver change must be reported to tech before the event begins or disqualification for the night.
Any multiple driver changes or car swaps can result in loss of points and starting positions.


Helmets must be certified SA2005 or SA2010 or SA2015.
Seat belts that are 3 years past manufacture date are NOT allowed.
Window nets are mandatory in all classes.
Fire extinguishers are mandatory in all classes except Sprint class.
Fuel tank must have flapper valve, check valve, and roll over valve.  A 360 degree hose with PVC on the end pointed down.​


Top four cars in all classes will report to infield after main event.


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